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Research themes

The research themes of the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis group.

  • Catalyst synthesis, including assembly of microporous and mesoporous materials. 
  • Development of structure-performance relationships and expert systems in heterogeneous catalysis. 
  • Probing catalytic events with in-situ and operando techniques. 
  • Probing catalyst synthesis and crystallization processes with in-situ techniques. 
  • Development of electron tomography and advanced X-ray absorption techniques for catalyst characterization. 
  • Electron distribution effects in heterogeneous catalysis. 
  • Activation of methane and alkanes 
  • Fischer-Tropsch catalysis
  • Methanol-to-Hydrocarbon catalysis. 
  • Catalytic cracking.
  • Biomass catalysis, including lignin, cellulose and glycerol conversion. 
  • Environmental catalysis, including CO oxidation and DeNOx chemistry.
  • Photocatalysis, including CO2 and H2O activation by sunlight.
  • Zeolites. 
  • Carbon supports. 
  • Hydrogen storage.