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The Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis group constitutes a large interdisciplinary research team involved in teaching and research on solid-gas, solid-liquid, and solid-solid surface chemistry, catalysis and spectroscopy.

The group has gained international recognition, envisages to be a centre of excellence for research and teaching of inorganic chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis at Utrecht University and promotes catalysis research at European and international levels. It relies on an impressive infrastructure, including high-level and unique research instruments as well as on a highly motivated technical and scientific staff.

The group is active in many aspects of heterogeneous catalysis, including

  1. Assembly of microporous, mesoporous and nano-sized materials,
  2. Structural and surface chemistry,
  3. Solid-gas and solid-liquid interactions,
  4. Structure-activity relationships and expert systems in heterogeneous catalysis,
  5. Supramolecular and environmental catalysis, and
  6. Photocatalysis.

The approach is unique as synthesis, characterization and application of catalytic solids are done in an integrated manner under the same roof.