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Group publications 2000

Apparatus for in-situ Xafs studies on catalitic systems in the energy range 1000 eV < E < 3500 eV A. van der Eerden, J. van Bokhoven, A. Smith, D. Koningsberger, Rev. Sci. Instr. 2000, 71, 3260-3266
Carbon Nanofibers: Catalytic Synthesis and Applications Jong, K.P. de, and J.W. Geus, Catal. Rev. Sci. Eng. 2000, 42, 482-510
Development and Application of 3-Dimensional Transmission Electron Microscopy (3D-TEM) for the Characterization of Metal-Zeolite Catalyst Systems Koster, A.J., U. Ziese, A.J. Verkleij, A.H. Janssen, J. de Graaf, J.W. Geus and K.P. de Jong, Stud. Surf. Sci. Catal. 2000, 130, 329-334
3D-TEM: A novel imaging and characterization technique with nanometer scale resolution for materials science Koster, A.J., U. Ziese, A.J. Verkleij, A.H. Janssen, and K.P. de Jong, J. Phys. Chem. B 2000, 104, 9368-9370
Base-catalyzed condensation of citral and acetone at low temperatures using modified hydrotalcites Roelofs, J.C.A.A., A.J. van Dillen and K.P. de Jong, Cat. Today 2000, 60, 297-303
Influence of the generation of mesopores on the hydroisomerization activity and selectivity of n-hexane over Pt/Mordenite Tromp, M., J.A. van Bokhoven, M.T. Garriga Oostenbrink, J.H. Bitter, K.P. de Jong and D. C. Koningsberger, J. Catal. 2000, 190, 209-214
In situ UV-Vis Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy – on line activity measurements : the significance of Crn+-species (n = 2, 3 and 6) in n-butane dehydrogenation catalyzed by supported chromium oxide catalysts Weckhuysen, B.M., A. Bensalem, R.A. Schoonheydt, J. Chem. Soc. Farad. Trans. 2000, 94, 2011-2014