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K.P. de Jong

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis

Phone: +31 30 253 6762
E-mail: k.p.dejong@uu.nl
Room: 4.80

Research Topics

Research interests involve a fundamental understanding of the synthesis of catalysts and functional materials with particular interest in zeolites, mesoporous materials, carbon nanofibers, supported metals and metal oxides, and solid base materials such as hydrotalcites. The work on zeolites comprises generation of mesopores, characterization using electron tomography (3D-TEM) and catalysis. Carbon nanofibers are investigated for their potential as catalysts support materials. Mesoporous materials (e.g. MCM-41, SBA-15) are used as support materials for fundamental studies on catalyst preparation. Most recently we have focused on control of the location of metal nanoparticles in bifunctional catalysts such as Pt/alumina/zeolite catalysts.

The approach in our research is to combine the outcome of several techniques into a unifying picture of the complex nanomaterials that are synthesized. The in-house techniques are a.o. in situ XRD, IR, physisorption, TPR-TPD-TPO, TGA, SEM and TEM. As special competencies Electron Tomography, STEM-EDX and Liquid-Phase TEM (Dr. Jovana Zecevic) and high-throughput catalyst testing using a 16-reactor Flowrence set up of Avantium are mentioned.
Catalytic studies involve (hydro-)isomerisation of hydrocarbons, selective hydrogenations, aldol-condensation and synthesis gas conversion (paraffins, olefins and alcohols).

Projects of PhD students

  • Rolf Beerthuis - Hydrogenation of intermediate light oxygenates: Understanding promoter effects.
  • Remco Dalebout - Promoted and bimetallic Cu-based catalysts for synthesis gas conversion.
  • Tom van Deelen - Fundamental studies on cobalt Fischer Tropsch catalysts.
  • Carlos Hernandez Mejia - Niobia-based metal catalysts for synthesis gas conversion.
  • Petra Keijzer - Fundamental studies of supported silver catalyst genesis and usage.
  • Nynke Krans - Fabrication of supported metal catalysts.
  • Wouter Lamme - Fundamental studies on the synthesis of carbon-supported noble metal catalysts.
  • Nazila Masoud - The Stability of Supported Gold-Based Nanoparticles catalysts.
  • Mark Meijerink - Advanced electron microscopy for supported metal catalysts.
  • Jogchum Oenema - Bi-functional zeolite based catalysts.
  • Lisette Pompe - Stability of copper nanoparticulate catalysts.
  • Jeroen van den Reijen - The stability of supported Ag nanoparticulate catalysts.
  • Savannah Turner
  • Lars van der Wal - Liquid-phase electron microscopy of zeolite-base catalysts.
  • Lennart Weber - Direct conversion of synthesis gas to aromatics.

Projects of Post-docs

  • Manuel Louwerse - Understanding at the molecular scale of promotor effects in FTO.
  • Kang Cheng - Bifunctional metal-acid catalysts for selective hydrocarbon conversion.
  • Justine Harmel - Bifunctional metal-acid catalysts for selective hydrocarbon conversion.

Past Projects of PhD students and Post-docs

  • Yuen Au - Confinement and particle size effect in supported magnesium (transition metal) hydrides for hydrogen storage.
  • Kees Balde - The storage of hydrogen.
  • Tamara Eggenhuisen - Fundamental Studies on Preparation of Supported Catalysts: Impregnation and Drying of Ordered Mesoporous Materials.
  • Anne-Mette Frey - Carbon supported Mg- and La-oxides as solid base catalysts.
  • Heiner Friedrich - Development and application of electron tomography to heterogeneous catalysts, to unravel the nature and location of the active phase within the support.
  • Vendula Gabova - Mordenite synthesis – control of crystal size distribution, synthesis of mesoporous zeolites using carbon nanofibers.
  • Jinbao Gao - Nanocomposites for Hydrogen Storage.
  • Arjen van de Glind - Multifunctional catalysts from layered colloidal particles for biomass upgrading
  • Rob Gosselink - Aliphatic olefins from fatty acids.
  • Tomas van Haasterecht - The Development of Non-noble metal based catalyst system for the production of hydrogen from biofeedstocks by aqueous phase reforming
  • Ard Koeken - Nano-structured catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch lower olefins synthesis.
  • Adri Laak - Process intensification in alkylation processes using zeolite catalysts  with molecular traffic control.
  • Siswati Lestari - Ethanol from synthesis gas using highly dispersed cobalt catalysts.
  • Hirsa Maria Torres-Galvis - Direct production of lower olefins from synthesis gas using iron based catalysts.
  • Hirsa Maria Torres Galvis - Surface studies of solid acid catalysts in reactions of oxygenate compounds to olefins, carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof.
  • Niels Meis - Design of an effective and re-usable absorbent for in situ removal of carbon dioxide from reaction mixtures at high temperatures.
  • Peter Munnik - Effects of Co interparticle distance and Co-alumina interactions in Co/Al2O3 catalysts for the Fischer Tropsch synthesis.
  • Peter Ngene - Hydrogen storage in Nanoscaffolded Borohydrides.
  • Arjan Plomp - Tuning and understanding the catalytic performance of noble metals on carbon nanofibers.
  • Gonzalo Prieto - Design and assembly of nanostructured catalysts for the conversion of syngas into alcohols.
  • Mozaffar Shakeri - Plugged SBA-15 –based Nano-reactors: Development, Characterization and Catalytic Applications.
  • Jelle Sietsma - Fundamental Study on Catalyst Preparation using Mesoporous Support Materials as Model Support System.
  • Daniel Stellwagen - Solid acid catalysts for transesterification and esterification.
  • Sankara Tatiparti - Magnesium-based hydrogen storage materials and reactors.
  • SelvedinTelalovic - Branched alcohols from (bio) alcohols via the gas phase Guerbet reaction.
  • Mariska Wolters - Fundamental study on the preparation of supported metal (oxide) catalysts: understanding.
  • Jovana Zecevic - Structural study of supported Mo(Co)S catalysts by electron tomography.