K.P. de Jong

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis

Phone: +31 30 253 6762
E-mail: k.p.dejong@uu.nl
Room: 4.80


Fischer-Tropsch process for converting synthesis gas to a lower olefin
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Production of lower olefins from synthesis gas
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Method for producing a supported metal nitrate 
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Process for preparing carbon and magnesium comprising composites, carbon and magnesium composites thus prepared, use of such composites and a hydrogen storage system
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Modified heat treatment of impregnated metal nitrate catalysts
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Modified heat treatment of impregnated metal nitrate catalysts
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Carbon nanofibre composites, preparation and use
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Methods for the condensation of an aldehyde and a ketone
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Storage of hydrogen in intercalated graphitic carbon structures
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Catalytically converting a hydrocarbonaceous feed
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Process for the production of liquid hydrocarbons
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Catalytic partial oxidation of liquid hydrocarbons
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Process for the conversion of hydrocarbonaceous feedstock
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Isomerisation of hydrocarbon feedstock by contacting with ferrierite catalyst in presence of hydrogen and at elevated temperatures and pressures
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Preparation of multi-branched paraffins by contacting first with isomerisation catalyst comprising molecular sieve to form mono-branched paraffins then with second isomerisation catalyst
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Catalytic partial oxidation process for hydrocarbon feedstock comprising contacting a feed mixture comprising feedstock containing nitrogen and sulphur compounds, oxygen containing gas and suitable catalyst
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Process for the preparation of carbon monoxide and/or hydrogen
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Silver-coated supported metal catalyst useful for oxidative dehydrogenation, de-hydrocyclisation and oxidation
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Catalyst comprising carrier and iron, cobalt or nickel promoted by zirconium and noble metal, useful to convert synthesis gas to hydrocarbons
EP 221,598.

Manufacture of highly active silica-supported catalysts for hydrotreating by depositing group-VIII metal compound on the support by impregnation or precipitation, drying and precipitating group-VIB metal compound
GB 2,189,163.

Supported catalyst production with metal distribution in selected area by contacting aqueous solution of metal compound with oxidant or reductant and preshaped support
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Heavy oil cracking to high quality middle distillates using low asphaltenic feedstock, hydrogen containing gas and non-acidic hydrogen-activating catalyst
EP 318,125.

Conversion of linear olefin feedstock into branched olefins by contacting feedstock with tecto-metallo-silicate having ferrierite crystal structure
EP 501,577.

Aromatisation of hydrocarbon feedstock with gasoline range feedstock involves contacting with ferrierite catalyst having silica-alumina ratio greater than twenty five
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Upgrading a paraffinic feedstock comprising paraffin alkylation process in internal circulation reactor under specific residence conditions
EP 565,197.

Upgrading a paraffinic feedstock comprising paraffin alkylation process in external circulation reactor under specific circulation conditions
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