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B.M. Weckhuysen

Distinguished University Professor

Phone: +31 30 253 4328
E-mail: b.m.weckhuysen@uu.nl
Room: 4.82

Current PhD-candidates

  • Özgun Attila - Development of selected In-situ Spectroscopic Methods for Characterization of Porous Nanosheets.
  • Jelle Boereboom - Multiscale Modeling Approach to Biomass Valorization: Solvent Effects.
  • Koen Bossers - Multi-scale Chemical Imaging of Multi-component Catalyst Materials: New Opportunities to Understand Catalytic Activity and Related Deactivation Phenomena of Ziegler-Natta Catalysts.
  • Rogier Brand - Development and use of in-situ Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Catalysis Research.
  • Guusje Delen - Near-field spectroscopic imaging of the assembly and working of nanosheets of catalytic porous materials.
  • Donglong Fu - Spatiotemporal Spectroscopic Studies of zeolites synthesis and catalysis.
  • Egor Fufachev - Catalytic conversion of volatile fatty acids to the platform chemical classes of mixed ketones and vinyl esters.
  • Iván Garcia Torregrosa - Transition metal oxides for photoelectrochemical water splitting.
  • Thomas Hartman - Development of SHINERS materials as realistic model systems to relate size, shape and structure of supported metal nanoparticles with their electronic and catalytic properties.
  • Ana Hernández Giménez - Advanced Characterization and in-situ Catalysts Monitoring in the CASCATBEL project.
  • Stijn Hinterding - Studying single catalytic conversion events using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy.
  • Ahmed Ismail
  • Maarten Jongkind - New insights in the working principles of Cr/SiO2 Phillips catalysts in the presence and absence of alkyl compounds as co-catalyst.
  • Khaled Khalili - Development of new methods for the catalytic depolymerization and valorization of lignin.
  • Naresh Kumar - Development and application of TERS to heterogeneous catalysis research.
  • Fang Liu - Catalyst stability and deactivation studies for efficient biomass conversion processes.
  • Beatriz Luna-Murillo - Bio-oil to chemicals and fuels: (in situ) catalyst deactivation studies at multiple length scales.
  • Laurens Mandemaker - Can we observe surface nanobubbles during biomass catalysis on zeolite surfaces?: An operando AFM-Vibrational Spectroscopy study.
  • Erik Maris - The development and use of a combination of different microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to study structure-performance relationships in single porous catalyst particles.
  • Antonio Martinez Pascual - Heterogeneous Catalysts for the Oxidative Depolymerisation of Lignin-derived Monomers and Oligomers.
  • Jose Moya-Cancino - Deposition of carbon onto supported metal catalysts.
  • Anne-Eva Nieuwelink - Single Particle Diagnostics: Integrating Biomass and Solar Catalysis with Optical Spectroscopy within a Microreactor Device.
  • Nikos Nikolopoulos - Detailed characterization of low-grade industrial-process residues.
  • Pasi Paalanen - Fischer-Tropsch to Lower Olefins Using Fe Catalysts.
  • Ilse van Ravenhorst - 3-D chemical imaging of coke formation in hydrotreating catalyst extrudates.
  • Miguel Rivera-Torrente - Defect-Engineered Metal-Organic Framework Catalysts.
  • Stanislav Simko - Molecular simulations of aqueous reactions.
  • Katarina Stanciakova - Acidic Water in Zeolite Pores: Multi-scale Modelling of Water-Active Site Interactions.
  • Bas Terlingen - The re-use of the by-product hydrochloric acid to generate valuable compounds.
  • Roozbeh Valadian - The application of non-destructive X-ray based high-resolution spectro-microscopic imaging methods and development of related data processing tools
  • Marjolein Velthoen - Development and apply of existing and novel chemical imaging tools enabling the visualization of Lewis and Bronsted acid sites in three distinct types of catalyst materials. 
  • Thijs Verkaaik
  • Suzanne Verkleij - Spatiotemporal chemical imaging of zeolite deactivation and poisoning phenomena at the extrudate level.
  • Carolien Vis - Biomass conversion in Pickering emulsions.
  • Charlotte Vogt - Structure Sensitivity of Supported Nickel Catalysts for (De)hydrogenation of Alkanes and Alkenes.
  • Sophie van Vreeswijk - Exploration of Non-Commodity Zeolite Framework for Small Molecule Activation: Acidity, Reactivity and Coke Formation.
  • Maximilian Werny - Multi-scale investigation of silica-supported ethylene polymerization catalysts during the early stages of the reaction.
  • Jochem Wijten - Development of ferrite spinel structures for photoreduction reactions.
  • Katinka Wondergem - Unravelling the mysteries of solar steam nanobubbles.
  • Xinwei Ye - Spatiotemporal Spectroscopic Crystallization Studies of Zeolites.
  • Silvia Zanoni - Characterization of Supported Metallocene Catalysts for Olefins Polymerization: an Understanding of Specific Activity Booster.