Egor Fufachev

PhD Candidate

Employed since 2014
Phone: +31 6 81 83 85 38
E-mail: e.fufachev (at)
Room: 4.88

Catalytic conversion of waste stream-derived volatile fatty acids to bio-based platform chemicals

Sponsor:       STW, since May 2014
Supervisor:    Prof. dr. ir. Bert Weckhuysen and Dr. Pieter C.A. Bruijnincx

This project focuses on the integrated recovery and catalytic conversion of volatile fatty acids (VFAs) formed via fermentation of (industrial) waste water.

The removal of VFAs from wastewater, followed by catalytic conversion of the acids to the platform chemicals of mixed ketones and vinyl esters is valuable as they can be converted to various end products that can find a broad range of applications for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Vinyl esters are used as feedstock for high performance resins such as polybutyraldehyde which is used in the manufacture of laminated safety glass, and the mixed ketones can be converted to lube oils, fuel additives, or alkylated aromatics which can find widespread application, ranging from fine chemicals to bulk chemicals.

Figure 1: The conversion of aqueous VFAs towards valuable bio-based end products. The primary conversion steps are studied in this project.