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Petra de Jongh

Professor Inorganic Nanomaterials

Phone: +31 30 253 17 47 
E-mail: p.e.dejongh(at)uu.nl 
Room: 4.84

Petra de Jongh investigates nanostructured inorganic materials (typically nanoparticles in mesoporous supports), to gain insight in the impact of particle size, confinement and pore structure on the functionality of these materials for applications in catalysis and energy conversion and storage.

Latest news

Elected as a new member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences recognizes her important work on nanomaterials for catalysis and energy storage and conversion. She will be installed officially as a member on September 17th 2018. Read the news article for more information.

Volkskrant: interview with Petra de Jongh
September 13, 2017
An article appeared in the Volkskrant (in Dutch) about work in the group of Petra de Jongh regarding sustainable energy conversion and storage. It focuses on the search to develop new nanomaterials, solid state electrolytes, that can facilitate a next generation lithium-ion batteries with higher energy density and less safety issues.

Prize for best MSc thesis for Maarten Branssen
Maarten Branssen, MSc student with Jessi van der Hoeven in a collaborative project between Alfons van Blaaderen (Soft Condensed Matter) and Petra de Jongh (Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis) has won the prize for the best MSc thesis of Utrecht University for his work on gold nanorods!


Recipient of two projects within the NWO Materials for Sustainability Research program
Projects have been awarded to Baira Donoeva, Peter Ngene and Petra de Jongh. Read the news article for more information.