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Baira Donoeva

Assistant Professor

Employed since: March 2015
Phone: +31 622 736 379
Email: B.Donoeva@uu.nl
Room 5.86

Supported metal catalysts for selective transformations

Metal nanoparticles and clusters immobilized on solid carriers are of great importance for catalysis due to their high surface-to-volume ratio and unique size- and shape-dependent properties. It is expected that catalysts based on metal nanoparticles will play increasingly important role in the sustainable production of chemicals and fuels. The ultimate goal of our research is to contribute to our understanding of how the supported metal catalysts work and how can we improve the existing catalysts or design efficient new ones for selected catalysts and reactions.

In particular, our focus is on a targeted preparation of supported metal nanoparticles by using metal colloids and clusters, as well as investigation of relationships between catalyst structure/composition and performance by using these catalysts. Reactions of interest include both gas- and liquid-phase selective oxidation (oxidation of CO, alkene epoxidation, oxidation of bio-derived platform chemicals, etc.). The work relies on (advanced) characterization techniques available in the group of Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis, as well as (in-situ) Synchrotron-based techniques.

Research funded by:

European Commission, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship
NWO Materials for Sustainability
Private partners