Wouter Lamme

PhD Candidate

Employed since: October 2014
Phone: +31 6 22736375
E-mail: W.S.Lamme (at) uu.nl
Room: 4th floor study area

Fundamental studies on the synthesis of carbon-supported noble metal catalysts

Carbon-supported palladium is a widely used hydrogenation catalyst. Due to the high price of palladium, highly-dispersed palladium nanoparticles are desired. Methods for the loading of Pd include deposition-precipitation, deposition-reduction, impregnation, adsorption and colloidal routes [1]. This study focuses on deposition-precipitation and deposition-reduction for the preparation of Pd/C.

A wide variety of carbon supports exists, including activated carbons and nanocarbons (e.g. carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibers). Each support has its own properties and can be modified to include functional groups such as acid groups (O) and basic groups (N). These functional groups can function as anchoring points for Pd. The polarity and acidity/basicity have great influence in the further catalyst preparation and performance [2].

Besides the nature of the support, lots of other variables are present in the catalyst synthesis. This project aims to find relationships between the synthesis, structure and performance by systematically studying the effects of the nature of the support, the metal precursor and the metal deposition method established. 

[1] M.L. Toebes et al., J. Mol. Catal. A : Chem., 173, 75-98 (2001)
[2] B. Zhang et al., ChemCatChem 6, 2607-2612 (2014)