Martin Veselý


Emplyed since: February 2017
Phone: +31 6 22736090
E-mail: m.vesely (at)
Room: 4.88

3D spectro-microscopy for understanding mass transport processes in catalyst bodies ofcomplex porosity

A geometry of pores and a topology of pore system in solid catalysts influences an apparent catalytic activity through transport of reaction species to/from active sites. In addition, the complex geometry and topology is changing during catalyst ageing by clogging of pores by coke and metal deposits as well as by a microstructure rearrangement.

Our aim is to characterize the three-dimensional pore system and its evolution in time for FCC catalyst using X-Ray Microscopy. In addition, the diffusivity gained from Single Molecule Fluorescence characterizes mass transport on a pore level. Combining of the microstructural and transport properties leads to a pore-network model, which is capable to describe the material's fundamental mass transport properties.