Petra Keijzer

PhD candidate

Name: Petra Keijzer
Employed since: October 2016
UU phone: 06-22736361
Room: 4th floor study area

Fundamental studies of supported silver catalyst genesis and usage

Supported silver catalysts are important in chemical and environmental processes. The fundamental aspects of the synthesis of supported silver catalysts have received little attention up till now. Interesting observations on a large variation of size and shape of silver nanostructures have been made in our group (Microp. Mesop. Mat. 201 (2015) 234-239). Confinement, gas atmosphere and silver salt seem to be important parameters but systematic and fundamental knowledge is in high demand. In this project we will use EM (cryo, liquid and/or hot plate) in combination with macroscopic techniques to unravel the genesis of supported silver catalysts in all stages. Furthermore, applications in epoxidation of ethene will be pursued to extend synthesis-structure-performance relationships for the silver catalysts.