Remco Dalebout

PhD candidate

Name: Remco Dalebout
Employed since: 01-10-2016
UU telephone number: +31622736361
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Room number: 4th floor study area

Promoted and bimetallic Cu-based catalysts for synthesis gas conversion

Ethanol and higher alcohols are promising fuels/fuel additives and chemical building blocks. Bioethanol is commercially produced via fermentation of sugars, but can alternatively be synthesized via biomass-derived synthesis gas (CO/H2) [1]. Alkali-promoted CuCo bimetallics and Mn-promoted Cu-based catalysts show promising results towards higher oxygenates, but lack of sufficient particle size control and reproducibility [2].

The focus of this study is to find reproducible and particle size-controlled, Cu-based catalysts towards a selective, active, and stable production of higher oxygenates via CO hydrogenation. Promoter and bimetallic effects are studied by using different surface-tuned, carbon-based supports [3]. pH-controlled incipient wetness impregnation and colloidal approaches will be explored to synthesize the catalysts. Catalytic activity and long-term stability tests will be investigated in high-pressure and high-temperature parallel reactors.

[1] V. Subramani et al., Energy Fuels, 22, 814-839 (2008)

[2] M. Gupta et al., ACS Catal., 1, 641-656 (2011)

[3] J. L. Figueiredo, J. Mater. Chem. A, 1, 9351-9364 (2013)