Beatriz Seoane de la Cuesta

Postdoctoral Fellow

Employed since: January 2016
Phone: +31 622736392
Room 4.76

NanoMacroMOF: Towards the Design, Synthesis and Application of Metal-Organic Framework Macrostructures

Nowadays, faced with strong environmental and energy concerns, it is crucial to develop cleaner and more efficient processes, not only for a better exploitation of the available resources, but also to minimize their environmental impact. In this respect, the development of materials able to recognize, separate and transform molecules is critical and the main reason why nanostructured porous materials are widely applied. Despite the great advances in this field over the last decades, we still lack the tools to control the synthesis of such materials at different length-scales (i.e. from the nano-scale over the meso-scale to the macro-scale). This is crucial, because having such control would allow the design of much more efficient catalysts, membranes and adsorbents, among others.

The overall aim of my research work is to develop new synthetic routes to control porous superstructures at the meso- and macroscopic scale, so that “à la carte” porous architectures can be prepared. More specifically, my research will be focused on the use of metal-organic frameworks, one of the most sophisticated classes of porous materials, with great portential in many different technological fields. The development of the chemistry and nano-tools to allow their processability and the application of the resulting macrostructures along with the in-depth characterization of the resulting solids at different length scales will be addressed.